Yuki Hidaka "The Rainbow-Colored Boat" 


My honest comment is that your performance was excellent and warm,

it should go well on the international market.

―Richard Davis (bassist, educator, activist)



Among a great number of vocalists, she is blessed with exceptional ability to write lyrics with her own literary talent. Her voice is warm and always staying considerate to people's heart. She is not only my favorite vocalist, but one of my precious friends.

Yosuke Kurita(saxophone player, composer, arranger)








”Aqueous Globe" from album"The Rainbow-Colored Boat"


music by Yosuke Kurita 

lyrics by Yuki Hidaka


Yuki Hidaka vocal

Yosuke Kurita  saxophone

Keijin Shu  piano



”Shenandoh"  from album"The Rainbow-Colored Boat"


American Folk Song


Arranged by Yosuke Kurita


Yuki Hidaka -vocals,clarinets

Yosuke Kurita -saxophone

Keijin Shu -piano







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The Rainbow-Colored Boat



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Yuki Hidaka                            ―vocal,clarinet(#7), piano (#8) 
Keijin Shu                               ―piano(#1-3, 5-7)
Yosuke Kurita                         ―saxophones

Ohmichi Yuda                         ―guitars

Akira Hasegawa                     ―bass

Hiroshi"GORI" Matsuda          ―drums



1. Aqueous Globe  

Yosuke Kurita / Yuki Hidaka


2. Sand of Water                                                                                                  

Keijin Shu / Yuki Hidaka


3. Have a Doze                                                      

Keijin Shu / Yuki Hidaka

arranged by Yosuke Kurita


4. Moonflower in a Moonless Night      

Yosuke Kurita / Yuki Hidaka


5. Into the Mangrove Woods                                                         

Yosuke Kurita / Yuki Hidaka

arranged by Yosuke Kurita


6. All Our True Colors                                                                

Yuki Hidaka

arranged by Yosuke Kurita


7. Shenandoh                                                                                      

American Traditional Song

arranged by Yosuke Kurita


8. The Rainbows                                                                              

Yuki Hidaka

arranged by Keijin Shu