Dear you,


About 10 years ago, I wrote lyrics for the first time in my life. It was for Yosuke Kurita's composition, “Into the Mangrove Woods”. It was originally instrumental, and he encouraged me to write lyrics for it when I told him it was my favorite tune in his album," Sleepin' Sheep". While listening to the lively soprano saxophone melody, words came to my mind as I imagined beautiful water flowing in green forest.


Several years later, we started playing together with pianist Keijin Shu— they had been long time friends-and I began to write some lyrics for their compositions.


At first, this album was to consist of their compositions. But when the motif of “All Our True Colors” came across to my mind, I heard the sound of their whole band, Vermilion Field, with which they have been playing for over 10 years. So I asked the other members of the band, Hiroshi “Gori” Matsuda (drums), Akira Hasegawa (bass), Ohmichi Yuda (guitar), to participate in the recording, and they willingly accepted despite of their busy schedules.


The lyrics of “All Our True Colors” are inspired by their performances and every pleasant hour after gigs, with food, drink, conversation. “The Rainbow-Colored Boat," the title of this album, is from the lyrics of “Into the Mangrove Woods”. This album is my attempt to express the colors and shadings created between one person and another. Wishing the space with these songs to be a canvas of colors between you and the music.





Yuki Hidaka


Kyoto, Sep25, 2016